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AU MEME » Chuck doesn’t pay Blair’s dowry, Blair’s decides that to get some cash in hand that will be outside the Gimaldi knowledge or that of the banks. She gets Serena to rent a hotel room and starts to blackmail politicians, senators, wall street men, any man with money and a wife by luring them into a room with prostitutes. She tells Serena’s to cousins she will cut them in and that it won’t go far and the cameras can be revealed as they wish. Serena doesn’t like the idea though, she knows it will help Blair after the dowry but she doesn’t want her family involved or Blair to get caught.

AU MEME » A model moves into the Murder House. Nobody in the house wants her there and each begins to scare her. The most traumatising for her is Beau. Eventually she perishes in the house when the twins knock over a lighting stand the cut her open, with no one in the house to help her, she bled to death. But when she comes back as a ghost she tries to continue to lead the life she had before.

AU MEME » With Vlad gaining power in the vampire community he decides to send Ingrid to America to help control subjects there. She ends up in California where the supernatural community has become out of control. While there she meets Officer Billy Pierce who, while a huge horn dog, is drawn in by her power. They grow close and soon he is betraying his fellow officers to keep her safe.

AU MEME » The Count finds out about Lady Gaga and her music. Entranced by her style and poise he decides for selfish reasons to kidnap her and make her his vampiric prodigy. She is rebellious to his ways and while causes him difficulty often he cherishes her more than Ingrid, perhaps because he chose her. 

AU MEME » Violet and Leah work for the Jump Street Division and are placed in Westfield High to find out who the dealer is that has been selling kids coke that has been messed with.

AU MEME » Moira and Tate are very close friends. Violet is jealous of their relationship and doesn’t want Tate to see her anymore.

AU MEME » The first teenage girl to move into Murder House is actually a very well liked blonde girl. She reminds Tate of his mother so in turn treats her quite rudely to start off with. Disappearing and reappearing making her think she is going crazy.

AU MEME » Tate actually attends Crowley High. He finds the book of Pure Evil and turns his fellow classmates into zombies and the gang has to stop him.

AU MEME » Tate and Violet live on the Upper East Side. Gossip Girl is the first to tell Vi and everyone that Tate had sex with Vivien.

AU MEME » Tate has run away from home, while on the streets he meets Violet who was kicked out of her home by her father.